I like to draw pictures that give people warmth and make them smile :)
Jenny Chen (陳郁婷) is an illustrator and picture book maker from Taiwan, currently lives in Houston, TX, with her husband and two adorable cats. She studied MA in Children’s Literature at Penn State University, and after worked as a children’s bookseller at Eslite Taiwan and later a children’s book editor at Grimm Press for almost three years. While working with authors and illustrators to create interesting children’s books at day, she dedicated her night time to practice drawing by self-taught and create her own illustrations. Now her works appear in editorials, event posters, board game/product and websites. 
Gouache, watercolor and colored pencils are her favorite media. Her work is full of warmth, delight and a sense of humor. She loves to capture the innocence and whimsy of children and animals in her illustrations, because these are the traits that appeal to her the most!
For commissions, book illustrations or other inquiries, please contact Jenny at margist616@gmail.com
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